Membrane Protein Bioinformatics Research Group

Introduction, main research areas

The Membrane Protein Bioinformatics Research Group at the Institute of Enzymology, Research Centre of Natural Sciences is headed by Dr. Gabor Tusnady, and was founded in 2012, when the PI won the Momentum Prize of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The group’s main aim is to investigate membrane proteins topology and 3D structure by developing state-of-the-art computational techniques, like CCTOP or TMFoldRec algorithms, as well as to establish and maintain databases relating to transmembrane protein structure and topology. The group also investigates the disordered regions in transmembrane regions and the interactions of transmembrane proteins. Beyond bioinformatics studies, the group is involved in developing a high throughput experimental method for generating topology data of transmembrane proteins.

In addition to these recent achievements in the field of transmembrane proteins, the group was involved in several studies using next generation sequencing (NGS) ranging from genome sequencing of the chicken DT40 bursal lymphoma cell line and Mycoplasma sp. HU2014, through studying mutagenic impact of common cancer cytotoxics and clinical validation of TruSeq Custom Amplicon assay performed on formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tumor samples, to the identification of known and unknown plant viral pathogens.

Recent collaborators

  • Prof. Zoltán Szentirmay, Surgical and Molecular Tumor Pathology Centre, National Institute of Oncology
  • Dr. Erika Tóth Surgical and Molecular Tumor Pathology Centre, National Institute of Oncology
  • Zoltán Szállási Zoltán, Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School; Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Éva Várallyay Éva, Diagnostic Group of Agricultural Biotechnology Institute

Main equipment

  • Supermicro computer cluster (256 CPU core, 4Gb RAM/CPU core (sum 1Tb RAM), 24 Tb redundans winchester capacity.
  • Web server (20 CPU core, 160Gb RAM, 2x4Tb redundans Sata disk, 2x4Tb PCIexpress SSD disk)
  • 60Tb QNAP NAS server

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Gábor Tusnády


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