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Institute of Enzymology online servers

Image ANCHOR aims to predict binding regions in proteins that are disordered in isolation but can undergo a disorder-to-order transition upon binding to a structured protein partner.  The approach is based on the energy estimation method and it uses a single amino acid sequence as an input.

Bisearch BiSearch is a primer-design algorithm for DNA sequences. It may be used for both bisulfite converted as well as for original not modified sequences. You can search various genomes with the designed primers to avoid non-specific PCR products.


DAS-TMfilter DAS-TMfilter predicts transmembrane segments by “Dense Alignment Surface” method (updated and modified version of the original DAS).



DNAbind server predicts whether a protein is DNA-binding from its structure and/or sequence.


HMMTOP HMMTOP is an automatic prediction server for predicting topology and localization of transmembrane helices in transmembrane proteins.


IUPred Prediction of Intrinsically Unstructured Proteins. Intrinsically unstructured / disordered proteins have no single well-defined tertiary structure in their native, functional state. Our server recognises such regions from the amino acid sequence based on the estimated pairwise energy content.


SCIDE SCIDE can identify the stabilisation center residues in known protein structures.

SCPREDSCPRED can predict stabilization center residues in proteinwith unknown structure.
SRideSRide can identify the stabilizing residues in proteins.
TMDET TMDET is an online tool for the detection of the transmembrane regions of membrane proteins by using their 3D structure only.