Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry

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The Research Centre for Natural Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.was established by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences with a view to offering better conditions for chemical research with successful scientific results and of higher efficiency in economic terms. The RCNS started with its activity in 1998. The Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (IMEC) is a non-profit oriented research institute belonging to RCNS. Within the Center, IMEC is an independent institute in terms of its scientific affairs and financial activities.

The mission of IMEC is to perform research on the chemical problems of materials science and environmental science. Research in materials science is aiming at revealing the chemical relationships among the composition, microstructure, properties and processing of selected structural and functional materials, as models. Research in environmental chemistry is dedicated to disclose basic chemical and physicochemical phenomena in order to decrease the environmental impacts of products and technologies on the one hand, and to develop new processes and technologies with a minimum or negligible environmental impact on the other.

The Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry studies functional and structural materials, micro- and nanosized surface layers and solid/liquid interfaces in order to reveal correlations among their chemical composition, structure, properties and methods of preparation. The institute is involved in research aimed at developing new procedures and methods decreasing environmental impact of technologies. Understanding and interpretation of pollution-induced chemical processes in the atmosphere also belong to the main research topics. They explore processes important in the development and operation of energy carriers for energy storage and transformation, as well as those involved in the exploitation of renewable energy sources.