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Green Chemistry Research Group

The pollutant concentration in the environment decreases in natural physical, chemical, and biological processes at a rate that depends both on the pollutant and its environment. Depending on the rate of the mentioned processes and the environmental loading, the concentration of the pollutants varies in time and location. In the decrease of the environmental loading, the environmental friendly and environmental protecting technologies are of primary importance. The compounds, having high biological activity, destroy the ozone shield, cause climate change, and their slow decomposition in natural processes are especially dangerous. The objective of the research department is to take part in the work providing scientific bases to the development of environmentally benign technologies, and to contribute to the clarification of the role of air polluting compounds in the chemical and photochemical processes of the atmosphere.

Fields of our interest in catalysis are the synthesis and modification of porous materials, determination of the surface and structural properties, and the understanding the relationship between the physico-chemical and catalytic properties of the materials .

The main research area in atmospheric chemistry is the study of the kinetics and molecular mechanism of elementary chemical and photochemical reactions. For the most part, we investigate such processes and phenomena that play an important role in the complex interplay between climate change and the chemistry of the environment. We apply mainly laser-based experimental techniques for the production and detection of reactive species (e.g., free radicals). The kinetic and photochemical data determined experimentally are being used as input parameters in atmospheric chemistry and combustion models. Our theoretical studies cover not only the kinetic but also the dynamical properties of elementary reactions.

The main research activities in field of metathesis include the development of innovative materials, polymers, new generation metathesis catalysts and environmental benign chemical processes -  facebook site

Main research areas in metathesis research are: Petrochemistry – synthesis of recyclable polymers; Biopolymers – drug delivery agents, implants; Conversion of carbon neutral, biomass based materials to value added materials via olefin metathesis; Energy storage polymers.

Group leader:
Tuba, Róbert, PhD senior research fellow
Balga, Irina voluntary science adviser
Barthos, Róbert, PhD research fellow
Biczók, László, PhD, DSc science adviser
Csizmadia, Eszter university student
Deme, János junior research fellow
Demeter, Attila, PhD, DSc science adviser
Dóbé, Sándor, PhD, DSc science adviser
Enyedi, Flórián Zoltán university student
Farkas, Vajk university student
Fekete, Miklós technician
Góger, Szabolcs university student
Gombos, Erzsébet, PhD junior research fellow
Gyetvai, Eszter technician
Hessz, Dóra junior research fellow
Illés, Ádám junior research fellow
Kiss, Virág university student
Kovács, Ervin research fellow
Lendvay, György, PhD, DSc science adviser
Lónyi, Ferenc, PhD senior research fellow
Megyesi, Mónika, PhD research fellow
Miskolczy, Zsombor, PhD senior research fellow
Nagy, Mária university student
Nagy, Tibor, PhD research fellow
Novodárszki, Gyula junior research fellow
Onyestyák, György, PhD, DSc emeritus researcher
Papp, János, PhD senior research fellow
Rosenbergerné Mihályi, Magdolna, PhD senior research fellow
Rozgonyi, Tamás, PhD senior research fellow
Sebestyén, József technician
Solt, Hanna, PhD research fellow
Szabó, Blanka junior research fellow
Szabó, Lili university student
Szálas Gábor university student
Szegedi, Ágnes, PhD senior research fellow
Szemesi, Péter university student
Szendrei, Gábor Szabolcs university student
Szilágyi, István, dr.univ. voluntary research fellow
Szolnoki, Gábor university student
Tóth, Imre voluntary science adviser
Turczel, Gábor voluntary junior research fellow
Valyon, József, PhD, DSc emeritus science adviser
Varga, Réka university student
Vikár, Anna junior research fellow
Virágh, Tibor electric engineer
Wellischné Farkas, Ágnes technician
Zakariya, Karbo university student