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Polymer Physics Research Group

Research interest

Structure-property correlations in polymers and multicomponent polymer systems; interfacial phenomena in heterogeneous polymers (blends, particulate filled and fibre reinforced composites); transport phenomena in polymers; degradation and stabilization of polyolefins; reactive processing of polymers

Current research projects

  • Correlations among the chemical reactions taking place during the melt processing of HDPE, the resulting chain structure of the polymer and the properties of the final product (film)
  • Study and modification of interfacial interactions in carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites
  • Study of miscibility/structure/property correlations in polymer blends
  • Preparation and study of layered silicate nanocomposites
  • Preparation of biologically degradable polymers from naturally occurring raw materials, characterization of their structure and properties


International cooperation

  • Clariant SA, France, degradation and stabilization of polyolefins
  • Sasol Industrial Ltd., South Africa , melting and crystallization of polypropylene
  • Lund University of Technology, Sweden, multicomponent polymers
  • Twente University , The Netherlands , structure-property correlations in crystalline polymers

Educational activities

  • Joint research laboratory with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • Teaching of polymer chemistry, physics, processing and application to graduate students (courses, lab. practice, theses, etc.)
  • Post graduate special engineering course on polymer processing and application
  • Post graduate short courses on various topics (identification of plastics, FTIR for plastics, mechanical properties, injection moulding, extrusion, fracture, etc.)

Group leader: 
Renner, Károly, PhD senior research fellow
Bartos, András university student
Bódiné Fekete, Erika, PhD senior research fellow
Cseke, László technician
Hegyesi, Nóra junior research fellow
Imre, Bálint technician
Kaczur, Imre university student
Kovács Ádám university student
Kun, Dávid junior research fellow
Lóka Luca university student
Móczó, János, PhD senior research fellow
Pukánszky, Béla, PhD, DSc, member of HAS science adviser
Renkeczné Tátraaljai, Dóra, PhD research fellow
Selmeci, Erika voluntary technician
Várdai, Róbert junior research fellow